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Pureology Hydrate conditioner and shampoo duo 2 x 266ml

24 Oct 2022 By Admin .

The Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner Duo will make your hair silky and lustrous.This haircare set includes one shampoo and one conditioner that work together to hydrate dry, coarse strands. Each product's moisturising mix surrounds the hair in a blend of potent substances, maintaining strong, fluid locks with each rinse.

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The Set Includes:

Hydrate shampoo (266ml):

The moisturising shampoo is perfect for replenishing moisture to thick, dry hair that has undergone colour treatment. It is luxuriously creamy and produces an excellent, cleaning lather. The shampoo is filled with goodness and prepared to quench the thirst of your hair and scalp by combining three nutritious ingredients: Sage, Green Tea, and Jojoba.

Hydrate conditioner (266ml)

This opulent conditioner, which is perfect for thick, dry, and color-treated hair, envelops every strand in its moisturising, replenishing qualities. A rush of moisture is released by jojoba oil, relieving the appearance of parched locks for a supple, smooth finish. Sage and green tea combine to improve the coarse texture while preventing dryness and breakages.

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