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Black Parlux 3000 hair dryer

20 Oct 2022 By Admin .

With an 1810 watt motor and a powerful airflow of 69 cubic meters per hour, the Parlux 3000 is a great mid-range addition to the Parlux line. The Parlux 3000, in contrast to other hairdryers, has a rubberized finish, allowing for improved styling grip, and it is ergonomically designed to provide incredible hand comfort.

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All Parlux hairdryers are built to last, and the 3000, like the rest, has heavy-duty switches and a 3 meter professional-length cable to make styling easier.


  • Manageable:Ergonomic Handle for greater control and ease of use

  • Material for Anti-Slip:It is made of a material that doesn't slip.

  • Size Standard:Standard Size is designed for hairdressers who value tradition.

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