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E-File Pro Black Portable

20 Oct 2022 By Admin .

Professional transportable milling equipment with a built-in battery is called Portable E-File Pro. You mill and load. High power and comfortable work are guaranteed at 30,000 rpm. 2600 mAh lithium battery, operational time of approximately 8 hours on a single charge, charging time of 2-3 hours, low vibration.

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We are displaying the milling machine's most recent model. The best materials are used to construct the device. Because of the milling machine's straightforward operation, compact design, precise construction, and, most importantly, absence of errors, using it is a delight.

A milling machine is a small, professional piece of mobile equipment that can be easily carried about and stored. It has a handwheel for controlling speed. It functions as a power bank for charging mobile devices thanks to the USB output interface.

Technical details:

Power: 30 W

Ingredient: ABS plastic

An intellectual LCD display

Voltage: 100 ~ 240

Rotation to the right and left

2.32-2.35 mm is the cutting diameter

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